"I have worked with a handful of instructors over the years, but I never stayed with any of them for more than a couple lessons. But, this summer will be the third consecutive season, I have worked with Milo. Somewhere in the ballpark of 30+ sessions. For reference, I am a 6.0 handicap index. What made Milo different is that he worked with me on things that were very unique to my specific needs. He didn't simply "teach me how to swing" he worked on making small improvements to MY swing. He didn't tear it apart, but made marginal improvements that have made a huge difference over time. The improvement overall has been pretty dramatic. I have improved distance, accuracy, ball striking, consistency and overall confidence. Pretty much everything. I have also told about everyone I know to give Milo a call and work with him. So it is my pleasure to leave a review here."

-Jason B

"Milo cares a great deal about helping you improve your game (as opposed to just getting through a lesson). He's quick to observe where your weak points are and how to easily correct them. After our first lesson I learned a ton and my golf swing saw significant improvement over the course of just a few lessons. He's great at explaining mechanics and giving you great drills to practice on your own. I've paid for lessons in the past, but it wasn't until I started working with Milo that I felt they paid off. Thanks Milo!"

-Jacob G

"Milo is a great golf instructor, he has really helped my son with his golf game. He can look at a person's swing and immediately know what you can do to improve your swing for better results out on the golf course. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve on their golf, he can give you tips to make yourself better in all aspects of the game."

-Denise S

"During Milo's first lesson with me, he filmed me hitting golf balls on his iPad, created a split screen, and compared my swing in slow motion to pros who had a similar swing pattern. He showed me that by changing a couple of things, I could hit the ball more consistently accurate and longer. My driver has been a constant source of frustration. By the end of the driver lesson, Milo had me hitting the ball 275 yards + with a draw. I'd never hit a draw before."

-Patrick O

"I am in my second season with Milo, and I can't express how positive of an experience it has been. Milo is a great communicator, and has a way of diagnosing swing issues quickly. I feel he genuine cares about me and my game getting better. My friends have noticed the added distance and the change to my game. I highly recommend taking lessons from Milo."

-Aaron B